Please find here the report of the international Civic Monitoring Group


The humanitarian situation and the plight of civilians in territories adjacent to the contact line in Donetsk and Luhansk Regions

Report of the International Monitoring Group on the Findings from the Field Monitoring Mission, 17 – 23 December 2017

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The armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been ongoing for four years now. On territories adjacent to the contact line, tens of thousands of civilians continue to live in an atmosphere of violence and lawlessness that is first and foremost created by persistent ceasefire violations. Apart from the immediate danger from shelling, arbitrary use of firearms and landmines, the humanitarian situation is seriously affected by economic disruptions, lack of work, supply shortages with water, gas and electricity, poor transport conditions and low effectiveness of local administration.

This report highlights cases of military violence targeted against civilians and the limited access to education and basic services in settlements along the contact line. The authors recommend to keep up economic pressure on Russia, which exercises effective control over the non-government controlled parts of eastern Ukraine. Furthermore, they speak out for permanent humanitarian assistance to the entire region and effective accountability mechanisms for the local authorities in government-controlled territories.


*Statement by a resident of Zolote-4 (Rodina mine) referring to the constantly present atmosphere of violence and lawlessness.